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According to health department documents, the owner of the horse, named Ryder, falsified birth records and tried to pass the horse off as 13 years old. A veterinarian who checked out the horse after its fall determined Ryder to be around 26 years old, too old to be licensed as a carriage horse in New York City.

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The union outlined new safety protocols following Ryder's fall to more closely watch the conditions of working carriage horses boarded at the city's stables. Those measures include biweekly medical checks of the horses' heart conditions and formation of a committee to catch and intervene on matters of health and safety early.

"The neurological effects of the EPM caused the horse to stumble and fall as the carriage driver is trying to change lanes and turn here on 45th street on the way home," said Christina Hansen, a spokesperson for the carriage drivers' union. "And once he was down, he had difficulty getting up again from the neurological symptoms of EPM." 041b061a72


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