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Experience the Scania R-series with Scania Truck Driving Simulator for Windows 7 32 bit

Scania Truck Driving Simulator: A Realistic and Fun Game for Truck Lovers

If you are a fan of trucks and driving, you will love Scania Truck Driving Simulator. This is a highly detailed simulation game that lets you get behind the wheel of one of the most iconic trucks on the road: the Scania R-series. You can put your driving skills to the ultimate test with various truck maneuvering challenges that serve as a practical exam as you strive to gain your licence. You can also drive through a series of freeform missions that have you delivering goods around a huge, intricately detailed 3D city. You can even learn more about the world-leading Scania trucks with a virtual visit to their Demo Centre, where they show off their vehicles to VIP guests. And if that is not enough, you can also upload your high scores and download the best result charts to see how you rank against other players around the world.

In this article, we will tell you more about the features of Scania Truck Driving Simulator, how to download it for free for Windows 7 32 bit, and some tips and tricks for playing it. So, buckle up and get ready for the drive of your life!

scania truck driving simulator free download for windows 7 32 bit

Features of Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is not just a simple driving game. It is a comprehensive simulation that offers a lot of features and options for truck enthusiasts. Here are some of them:

  • Different modes and challenges to test your driving skills: You can choose from various modes, such as Dangerous Drives, Competition, Freeform Driving, License Examination, Time Reaction Test, Extreme Trucker Challenge, and more. Each mode has its own objectives, scenarios, and difficulties that will challenge your abilities as a truck driver. You will have to deal with mountain roads, bad weather, blocked routes, traffic jams, narrow streets, sharp turns, and other obstacles that will require you to work in perfect harmony with your Scania truck.

  • A huge and detailed 3D city to explore and deliver goods: If you prefer a more open-ended gameplay, you can opt for the Freeform Driving mode, where you can drive around a massive 3D city with realistic graphics and physics. You can pick the loads that appeal to you as you ferry freight with complete freedom. You can also discover hidden areas, secret routes, and bonus missions that will add more fun and variety to your driving experience.

  • A virtual visit to Scania's Demo Centre to learn more about the trucks: If you are curious about the history and technology behind Scania trucks, you can take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit their Demo Centre in Sweden. This is where they showcase their vehicles to VIP guests and let them test drive them on different tracks. You can learn more about the features, specifications, performance, and design of Scania trucks through interactive displays, videos, and quizzes.

A gallery of Scania vehicles photos and videos: If you are a true Scania truck fan, you will love this feature. You can feast your eyes on a vast gallery of Scania vehicles photos and videos that cover different models, generations, categories How to Download Scania Truck Driving Simulator for Free for Windows 7 32 Bit

If you are interested in playing Scania Truck Driving Simulator, you will be glad to know that you can download it for free for Windows 7 32 bit. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Check the requirements and compatibility of the game: Before you download the game, make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements for running it. According to the official website, you will need at least a dual core CPU 2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, a GeForce 7600 GT-class equivalent 256 MB graphics card, and 2 GB of available space on your hard drive. You will also need DirectX 9.0c and a compatible sound card. The game is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, but not with Windows 8 or 10.

  • Download the game from a reliable source: You can download the game from various websites, but we recommend using the official Steam page or the official website for safety and quality reasons. You can choose between the full version or the extended version of the game. The full version has a download size of 550 MB, while the extended version has a bonus media gallery and a download size of 1.5 GB. You can use fast download links or torrent links to get the game.

  • Create a bootable USB drive or DVD from the ISO file: After you download the game, you will get an ISO file that contains all the data and files needed to install the game. However, you cannot run the game directly from the ISO file. You will need to create a bootable USB drive or DVD from the ISO file using a software like Rufus or ImgBurn. This will allow you to boot your PC from the USB drive or DVD and install the game.

  • Install the game from the bootable device: Once you have created the bootable device, you can insert it into your PC and restart it. You may need to change the boot order in your BIOS settings to make your PC boot from the USB drive or DVD instead of your hard drive. When your PC boots from the bootable device, you will see a setup wizard that will guide you through the installation process. Follow the instructions on the screen and accept the terms and conditions. You can choose where to install the game on your hard drive and create a desktop shortcut if you want. After the installation is complete, you can eject the bootable device and start playing the game.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Scania Truck Driving Simulator is a realistic and fun game, but it can also be challenging and frustrating at times. To help you enjoy the game more and improve your performance, here are some tips and tricks that you can use:

  • How to adjust the settings and controls: Before you start playing, you should customize the settings and controls to suit your preferences and needs. You can access the settings menu from the main screen or by pressing the ESC key during the game. You can adjust the graphics quality, sound volume, camera angle, steering sensitivity, transmission type, and other options. You can also change the keyboard, mouse, or joystick controls to assign different functions to different keys or buttons. You can also enable or disable various assists, such as automatic parking brake, speed limiter, traffic rules, damage simulation, and more.

  • How to use the map and GPS: The map and GPS are essential tools for navigating the city and finding your destinations. You can view the map by pressing the M key or by clicking on the map icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can zoom in or out of the map by using the mouse wheel or by pressing the + or - keys. You can also move the map by clicking and dragging it with the mouse. The map shows your current position, your route, your destination, and other points of interest. You can also see the traffic density, road conditions, speed limits, and other information on the map. The GPS is a small device that is attached to your dashboard. It shows you the direction and distance to your next waypoint or destination. You can also hear voice instructions from the GPS that will guide you along your route.

  • How to perform different maneuvers and tasks: As a truck driver, you will have to perform various maneuvers and tasks that will test your skills and patience. Some of these include parking, reversing, coupling, uncoupling, loading, unloading, refueling, repairing, weighing, washing, and more. Each maneuver or task has its own requirements and instructions that you have to follow carefully. You will also have to pay attention to the indicators on your dashboard, such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, damage gauge, and warning lights. You will also have to use your mirrors, blinkers, horn, headlights, wipers, and other devices to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians.

  • How to avoid penalties and accidents: Driving a truck is not easy. You have to deal with many risks and dangers on the road that can cause penalties and accidents. Some of these include speeding, running red lights, crashing into other vehicles or objects, damaging your cargo or truck, running out of fuel or battery power, getting stuck in traffic or mud, losing control of your truck due to bad weather or road conditions, and more. To avoid these situations, you have to drive carefully and responsibly. You have to follow the traffic rules and signs, respect other road users, maintain a safe distance and speed, check your mirrors, blinkers, horn, headlights, wipers, and other devices to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. You also have to plan your route and schedule ahead, check the weather and road conditions, and take breaks when you are tired or hungry.

  • How to earn achievements and badges: Scania Truck Driving Simulator is not only a game, but also a learning platform. You can earn achievements and badges that reflect your progress and performance as a truck driver. You can see your achievements and badges on the main screen or by pressing the TAB key during the game. You can also view them on your Steam profile or on the official website. Some of the achievements and badges include Rookie Driver, Skilled Driver, Expert Driver, Master Driver, Scania Fan, Scania Expert, Scania Master, Dangerous Drives Champion, Competition Champion, Freeform Driving Champion, License Examination Champion, Time Reaction Test Champion, Extreme Trucker Challenge Champion, and more.


Scania Truck Driving Simulator is a realistic and fun game that will give you the ultimate trucking experience. You can drive one of the most iconic


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