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Why We Want Biden to Stay in the Race for President!

Many pundits and political analysts have pointed out the potential pitfalls of President Joe Biden continuing his campaign for reelection. However, if your goal (like ours) is to see Donald Trump return to the White House, there are several compelling reasons to support Biden's ongoing candidacy.

1. Biden’s Post-Debate Poll Numbers

Some argue that Biden's polling numbers after debates aren't drastically different. His campaign cites polls showing him as the best option to beat Trump, albeit narrowly. However, this narrow margin is exactly what Trump supporters should celebrate. Biden’s slight edge isn’t enough to secure victory, especially in swing states where he has been consistently trailing Trump. This vulnerability positions Biden as a weaker candidate, unable to sway undecided voters or regain lost ground, thereby increasing Trump’s chances of winning.

2. Not Shocked

The mainstream media and elite commentators may have been shocked by Biden's debate performance, but many voters had already perceived him as too old for the presidency. This perception works in favor of Trump supporters. The media’s continued focus on Biden’s age and cognitive abilities only amplifies doubts about his capability, diverting attention from Trump’s controversies and reinforcing Biden's weaknesses. This sustained scrutiny ensures that Biden remains a problematic candidate, much to Trump’s advantage.

3. Kamala is Even More Unpopular

A common argument is that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a worse candidate than Biden. While Harris does have her own set of challenges, Biden’s greater unpopularity is beneficial for Trump. Polls show Biden with higher disapproval ratings compared to Harris, making him a more vulnerable opponent. Harris might be able to change voters' perceptions, but Biden’s entrenched unpopularity provides a more reliable target for Trump’s campaign, ensuring a clearer path to victory! 

4. Undemocratic

The idea that Biden should stay in the race because he won the Democratic primaries resonates with those who value democratic processes. However, keeping Biden as the nominee, despite widespread concerns about his fitness, plays directly into Trump’s strategy. It highlights the Democrats' unwillingness to adapt and puts them at a disadvantage. This rigidity benefits Trump by portraying the Democratic Party as out of touch with its own base, further weakening their position.

5. Chaos

Democrats are in constant chaos lately and Biden stepping down could indeed be more disruptive  However, this scenario is a double-edged sword. The uncertainty and disorder from selecting a new nominee could fracture the Democratic Party and demoralize its supporters. Conversely, Biden’s continued presence as a compromised candidate ensures ongoing debates about his fitness, thereby preventing the Democrats from mounting a unified and effective campaign against Trump. This internal conflict within the Democratic Party is a strategic advantage for Trump, as it divides their focus and resources.

For those of us who want to see Donald Trump return to the Oval Office, Joe Biden staying in the race is advantageous. His persistent vulnerabilities, age-related concerns, and the internal strife within the Democratic Party provide a fertile ground for Trump to capitalize on. Supporting Biden’s candidacy ensures that he remains a weak opponent, increasing the likelihood of a Trump victory in the upcoming election.

So Let’s Go Brandon! 

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