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Fate Extra Ccc English 29

Q: Will the characters of the maiden Saber (Saber Extra) be included? Uro: I already prepared a story for the maiden Saber in EXTRA. In fact, on which scene will be the first installment of EXTRA, I already made a decision. It will be at the end of extra. In EXTRA, in the last chapter of her life, Amakusa Shirou is waiting for the severed hand of Faust. In EXTRA1, Iskandar cannot die. He reincarnates and confronts Shirou again. In EXTRA2, Shirou is kept in a prison in France as a ghost. Shirou is held there for six hundred years, and he asks him, is he the last of humankind, or is this just another ending? This is how EXTRA will continue, I know. If I have to write EXTRA3 in the future, then I will think of another new character, and the main Saber will be one of her companions.

fate extra ccc english 29

Q: You're the first person to translate Fate/Extra in English! How do you feel? Uro: Fate/Extra is an amazing game. Urobuchi Yasuhiro, the screenwriter, made it into the incredible work it is today. But the work had been read by far more people than I had expected, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive, so that it became a huge hit. For that reason, I could never let go of the feelings of pressure on my shoulders. That is why I was concerned if I could reach people who were interested in Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night. So, it's not because I didn't try hard enough, and I wasn't caught off guard. I just really, really wanted to translate this game in English. I am really satisfied that it is in English now. But I still feel a bit nervous and apologetic for the reason why I didn't translate this in the past. For whatever reason, Fate/Extra was created in the past, but I am waiting for a new work by Urobuchi Yasuhiro for a long time. Every time I complete Fate/Stay Night, I look forward to Fate/Extra, which I always translate when it is ready.


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