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Svyatoslav Teterin
Svyatoslav Teterin

Just Ignore Them: A Point-and-Click Adventure with Multiple Endings and Choices

where people don't bother trying to anonymise their traffic, but rather trust some third party provider. and that provider can easily be convinced to watch their data, who knows what they'll do with it, but it would be at least a shame to allow them the chance to watch it.

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now, i don't think this really applies to our individual selves here, or to our families, or even for our friends, but it does in a professional capacity. i wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the ideas, but don't expect them to actually happen.

and again, where we don't know who our isp is, or who we're friends with, or if we're getting health insurance through work, or even if we're getting gym memberships via our phone. or if we're getting legal music through them, or even if we're having to pay them for any phone calls we're making, or even if we're getting our power via them.

there is no reason to consider this a risk with relays. there is no reason to do anything other than run a regular tor exit node. peer selection either requires tor-id or the tor-control-cmdline options. dht requires the -d option. if it does matter, then tor-control will detect that and ignore the option. for privacy i'd run this on a router with a strong firewall and no internet access. it's the safest way to use tor.

now we have a few alternatives. first of all there is the peer selection system. this allows you to do a number of things. you can for example select only a specific subset of nodes. in practice this is not feasible because of the requirement for a single authority to be given control over this system. so there is the the possibility of using peer selection with dht. if so this would normally mean you want the -x- option. if you're going to use a bunch of users for a local area network or similar you want to use -y- to do peer selection. if you're going to have no specific set of nodes you want to use -s-. if you need to update the list of peers you do this using the -u- option.


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