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Resident Evil 6 Pc Failed To Load Save Game Data Fixer.rar Hit ((HOT))

If your save game is failing to load after changing to another computer, you need to go into the Windows "Region" settings and change your region to whichever the previous computer had theirs set to. Typically for most English users, its default is "United States". Once you've changed it, re-launch the game (no reboot required)

Resident Evil 6 Pc Failed To Load Save Game Data Fixer.rar Hit

When you start the game after installing the HD mod, do you notice the new texture on the typewriter save screen? You also mentioned that your game crashes on any loading screen, but does it crash when starting a game of Assignment Ada? I am able to start a game of Assignment Ada but the game crashes when I open my inventory.

After starting the game, I do not get a notification to install the 4gb patch so I do it manually using wine. I can see the new bio4.exe and the bio4.exe.Backup. I also am unable to pull up the menu with F1. I can see that my load screen has been updated but when I try to load a save, the game freezes on the loading screen. I can start a round of Assignment Ada but the game crashes when I try to open my inventory. I have tried the manual install as well as using the installer by nipkow. I have also tried using Proton 6.3-8, Proton Experimental and Proton-6.21-GE-2. I do not have issues running this game without the mod.

  • Today, I'm going to show you how to easily resign any PS3 game save.What is resigning and why is it useful? Well, if you ever downloaded or attempt to use a game save from someone else, chances are that either the game won't allow it at all or disallow you to save over it.Resigning the game save will allow you to transform it into your own, allowing you to use it successfully and save over it as many times as you want.In this tutorial, we're going to be resigning a Dynasty Warriors 8 game save. You can use any game save you like, of course. Also, this is specifically for non-copy protected game saves only.This process is very easy and should take you no longer than 5 minutes. Requirements:Game save you wish to resign

  • Game save of your own from your own PS3 and user account

  • Playstation 3 console (can be original firmware or custom - NO modding necessary)

  • USB stick/drive - to transfer game saves from PS3 to PC and vice versa

  • PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

  • Bruteforce Save Data

STEP 1: Copy your own game save to USB stickThe first thing we need to accomplish is to obtain a game save that is of your own (i.e. one that is currently tied to your PS3 and user account).You can use any game save for this. In this tutorial, I will be using my own Dynasty Warriors 8 game save from my PS3 (to make things less complex).Copy the game save of your choice from your PS3 to your USB stick. Plug the USB stick into your PC. You can simply leave the game save in the USB stick as copying it to the PC isn't necessary.STEP 2: Download/obtain the game save you wish to resignNow, we will need the game save you wish to resign. For this tutorial, I'm going to be using the Dynasty Warriors 8 100% game save I posted on this blog.Place the game save folder somewhere on your PC that you can remember.STEP 3: Download and configure Bruteforce Save DataBruteforce Save Data is a powerful game save data swiss army knife for PS3. It allows one to decyrpt and encrypt game save files, add cheats, transfer region, transfer saves to another owner and more. Download Bruteforce Save Data here. Once it's finished downloading, extract the RAR file and run the installer. Do not run the program yet.Create a new folder on your desktop or anywhere else you like and name it "SAVEDATA". This folder will be the folder where you store all your game saves for usage with Bruteforce Save Data. Make sure that wherever directory you store it in is NOT write protected!Drag/copy the game save folder you wish to resign (ex. NPUB31234-SAVEDATA) to this "SAVEDATA" folder.Now it's time to run Bruteforce Save Data. Windows Vista, 7 and 8: Run Bruteforce Save Data as an administrator by right clicking the program icon and then selecting "Run as administrator". This is very crucial! If you don't wish to do this every time you re-open the program, go to the BruteforceSaveData.exe in Windows Explorer, right click and select "Properties", then go to "Compatibility" tab and check "Run this program as administrator". Alternately, you can simply disable Windows User Account Control (UAC).Windows XP: You can just simply double click the program icon to launch. Although, if you run into strange issues, you may want to try running as an Administrator. If you receive an error message regarding msvbvm50.dll missing, you need to install Visual Basic Runtime 5.You may be also requested to download Microsoft Visual Basic C++ 2010 (x86) if you don't have it installed in your system. Downloading and installing this is a must!If all is well, you should be greeted with a nice big window.It may ask you to update cheats repository, click the "Download" button to download the latest database. This is important because it will update your game.conf file with the latest game keys to ensure saves can be decrypted and encrypted. Ignore any of the program's requests to input a console ID and User ID. You don't need to setup a PARAM.SFO template either for now. Just leave them all at default.The first thing we need to do is click on the "..." button and select the "SAVEDATA" folder of where our game save is (the one we created earlier). So go ahead and do that. Once selected, your game save should show up.SAVEDATA folder selected as the path.Take note of the "Key" section, there should be numbers in this field. If it's empty, you'll need to select the game save and hit F6 to Bruteforce the key. Once it's Bruteforced, press the "Refresh" button to refresh everything. The "Key" section should have now some numbers.STEP 4: Setup PARAM.SFO templateWe need to setup a PARAM.SFO template so that we can use it to resign the game save to our own PS3 and user account. This is where your own game save you transferred over earlier from the PS3 comes in handy.To do this, in the Bruteforce Save Data program window, click on the button labeled "Set PARAM.SFO as Template". This should pop up a menu.In the pop up menu, go to "Configure Profiles" and select "SET PARAM.SFO for Profile 1...".How to setup PARAM.SFO template.Now, it will ask you for a PARAM.SFO file. What you want to select is the PARAM.SFO file of your own game save (the one we transferred over earlier from the PS3, which should be in your USB stick if you haven't copied it over to your PC).Here I selected the PARAM.SFO file from the Dynasty Warriors 8 game save I copied to my USB stick:Once you click "Open", it will ask you to give it a friendly name. Simply enter your PS3 user account name you use.After you click "OK", it will tell you that the current profile will be used for patches. Meaning, every time you resign a game save, it will be resigned to this profile (PS3 and user account).Make sure your profile ID (the 16 digit number after your profile name) is not BLANK. If it's BLANK, you will need to use another game save PARAM.SFO file until you get a 16 digit number. If you cannot get a 16 digit number, try tying a PSN/SEN account to your PS3 user account, log into it and then create a game save or save over a previous game save. You should get a 16 digit number for that save afterwards. STEP 5: Rebuild game save with new profileWith the game save selected, click on the button labeled "Rebuild" and then select "Rebuild Full" in the pop up menu. It will ask you a confirmation dialog; select "Yes" to confirm.If it is successful, the "Profile" field on the game save should be changed to your own profile name and unique ID.Resign successful!That's all there is to resigning a game save! No decrypting and encrypting necessary!STEP 6: Transfer game save to PS3You are pretty much finished at this point. All that's left to be done is to transfer the game save back to your PS3 and test it out (using your USB stick).Please don't be an idiot and overwrite your current game save without making a backup of it first! I will not be held responsible for any loss or damages of your game saves if you fail to follow this caution!If all is well, the game should throw you no warnings about using another person's game save and you should be able to save over it now.Enjoy!NEED HELP?First, make sure you fully read the Bruteforce Save Data FAQ. Your issues may be resolved by reading it.If not, please post a comment directly in this post or send me an e-mail.CAN I SEND YOU MY SAVE TO RESIGN?At current, I no longer accept requests to resign game saves for someone. Please read this post of the reason and for more information.Other Posts You May Like:How to Transfer Region on PS3 Game SavesHow to Resign Xbox 360 Game Saves

Features:- Full/partial compatibility with all versions of the game. The Japanese version of the game is supported too, including Z Version. R.P.D. Demo is supported as well;- Character/outfit swap;- Player speed adjustment;- Player size adjustment;- Player wetness adjustment;- Player health/invincibility;- Removing Vignette/Sharpening;- Static Face/Hair;- Herb Armor;- Manual flashlight;- HUD adjustments;- Camera FOV, Height, Zoom options;- Game speed setting;- Stage swap;- Universal key;- Walking through walls;- Player position adjustments;- Save file import;- Playtime;- Freezing game timers;- Changing save, step, heal, item box counters, shots fires, enemies killed, damage taken, items picked up;- Changing dynamic difficulty rank points;- Game difficulty adjustment;- Inventory editor;- Item box editor;- Weapon speed;- No recoil;- Infinite ammo;- Open slots setting;- One hit kill for enemies;- Healing enemies;- Enemy speed/size adjustments;- Enemy health modifier;- Moving nearby enemies to player;- Invisible enemies;- Invincible enemies;- A list of stats of nearby enemies- Enemy damage modifier;- Quick Save;- Collected Raccoons;- Collected Files;- Use DLC Accessories everywhere and with every character(Cat's ears give infinite ammo);- Skip cutscenes;Important NotesI see a lot of FAILED:- Most likely the trainer crashed or you forcefully closed it at some point - the only way to fix it is to restart the game;Stage Swap:- Teleporting can cause issues - missing keys, not working doors etc. (Let's say you start a new game and go to the police station directly, completely skipping the gas station or something similar - the game will try to advance the scenario and thus will break. Going back to the gas station most likely won't fix it)Inventory Loadouts/Adding new weapons:- In order to get new weapons, you need to add them to your inventory and freeze the slot that is used for this weapon.Do this either before starting a new game or reload a save/checkpoint to get the new items.*IMPORTANT*: You shouldn't replace weapons that you get after starting a new main game or DLC! This will most likely soft-lock the game(infinite loading screen). Replacing items(ammo, herbs, keys) is safe. Only replacing weapons that are given to the player when starting a new game(Handguns, knifes, shotguns, SMGs and so on) causes this. Though you can replace everything(including weapons) in 2nd Run, 4th Survivor and No way out.- To save loadouts, freeze slots that you want to save first, then click the SAVE button. Loadouts can be imported by clicking the LOAD button and selecting a file with .inv extension.Character Swap:- You should start a new game when swapping characters - using previous save files with already swapped characters can cause issues;- Sherry cannot use some levers;- To be able to complete Sherry's part either use the walk-through-walls hack or swap to Sherry before or during. - To aim and use weapons as Sherry, use Swap Gun Animation feature(Main tab). Set her animation to Claire or anyone else.Quick Save Manager:- This feature allows you to save at any place. Be careful though, as this can break the game or corrupt the save file that was used at the time. You can choose which slots to use(by default it's Auto Save for both slots). You can use the buttons or hotkeys(F1/2 to save, F5/6 to load). Do not save before the RPD gates(Claire won't be able to go through the gates if you load that save file). Also avoid saving on the bridge where Birkin lands and breaks it(Getting the antidote). It's possible it will cause issues in other locations.Return To Title Screen:- Allows you to return to the title screen by pressing the button or using the hotkey(F9 by default). You can use this if you're stuck.Commit Suicide:- In case you are stuck or for fun.Universal Key:- Lets you unlock doors by using any item, as well as to solve some puzzles(Electronic/Electrical parts), save game without ink ribbons.- It is recommended that you enable/disable it with a hotkey whenever you need it. This feature can cause softlocks/bugs in some cases(3 medallions, big and small cogs etc)Play Time:- Setting it too low(less than a minute) can break some events.How to Use the Manual Flashlight Feature:- First of all, enable it, it's in Character->Manual Flashlight;- Then go to Hotkeys, click Enable Hotkeys. You can also change the default binding for the flashlight here.How to Increase/Decrease Enemy Health:- Go to Enemy, scroll down, find Enemy Health Modifier. Now move the slider to where you want it, then enable this feature.Once enabled and if you are already in-game and have enemies nearby, they will have increased or decreased health by x%. They won't be affected if you change the value - only the next spawn of enemies will be;How to Move Enemies to Player:- First enable it in Enemy, Move Enemies to Player. Then go to Hotkeys and make sure your hotkeys are enabled. Optionally change the binding(by default it's the HOME key);Invincible Enemies:- Mr.X(Both versions) and Birkin are not affected for obvious reasons;How to Change Game Difficulty?- Go to Stats, scroll down a bit, enable Game Difficulty;How to Hide this App to Tray When Minimized?- Right mouse click its icon in your tray, you will see Quit, Hide and Minimize to Tray. Click Minimize to Tray then click the Save button to save your preferences;No Vignette:- Removes vignette in-game, doesn't affect cutscenes. Can cause slight graphical glitches(this is why it's disabled in cutscenes);How to Use the Save File Import Feature:Enable this feature, quit the game then copy-paste new save files to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/YOUR_ID/883710/remoteStart the game via Launch button. Do not skip the intros, let the trainer finish initializing.When it's done, change a few settings to make your game overwrite the previous id - Steam ID is baked into every save slot.Remember that save files are not compatible with all versions of the game!Once you're done, disable this feature and restart the game.In order to only unlock system data(unlocked modes, outfits, achievements) copy-paste data000.bin and data00-1.bin into your save folder and do the procedure described above.If you see "Failed to Save Data", you most likely have other files(backed up save files or something else) in the save folder. Switch Steam to offline mode, then delete remotecache.vdf inC:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/YOUR_ID/883710 folder and switch it back to online. This has to be done when the game isn't running. Closing Steam and then deleting remotecache.vdf should also work.Steam Cloud Sync can cause issues - if you're having any, try disabling it and then importing the save file.


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