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Boss Fighting Simulator GUI

Having trouble on a boss is normal. The first thing you'll want to do is examine what the warning for each attack is, as knowing what attack a boss will use is crucial to survival. Additionally, viewing how other players handle attacks may help you understand how to dodge an attack better. Lastly, try and detect if there's any odd or surprising mechanics and how to counter them, such as Spring FOE's defence mechanic, which require his sentinel minions to be killed, or Crisis SpringWrath's petal blast attack, which requires the player to dash.

Boss Fighting Simulator GUI


When you join a server, you may be joining a server that has already been progressed to a later chapter. If the boss seems overly difficult, you probably joined in a later chapter. I really doubt anyone has struggled with Lord of the Shadows.

How do I change a surface GUI with a click detector? can anybody help me? I am trying to make a boss fight for a simulator:here is what I am thinking:I put a click detector in my part that is the bosswhen you click it there is a sign that changes its text (when you click it, it changes to "Health - ")and when you clicked the boss enough the sign changes back to its regular health and rewards you with 4000 is my script so far (i have only made the when clicked change the sign to say something) 041b061a72


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