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Where To Buy Spiced Rum

If we are making White, Gold or Spiced Rum we will incorporate the column still where we engage all 4 bubble plates. This will produce around 75 gallons of rum at 155 proof. The finished rum is placed into a holding tank to rest for 5 days, allowing some of the volatile fumes to work their way out.

where to buy spiced rum

Our spiced rum is artfully crafted with the smooth aroma and flavor of warm vanilla, heady spices, and slightly sweet sugar cane. Our spirits are proudly always USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Vegan, and Certified Kosher. As the only spirits brand with all 5 certifications, we know this is a difference you can taste.

Our spiced rum comes from all-natural, sustainably sourced cane sugar, leaving less of a carbon footprint than traditional growing methods. We grow our cane sugar in the Cauca Valley of Colombia, with zero pesticides or fertilizers, making it completely organic. Taste spiced rum the way nature intended.

In mid-coast Maine, there's a breathtaking spot where six different rivers merge. Portland's Three of Strong Spirits named their Merrymeeting Spiced Rum after the beautiful location. A distinct blend of eleven different dried spices are macerated into the cane juice-based rum. The blend of Maine terroir and global spices is finished in used Jamacian rum barrels, tying everything together in the deliciously layered, award-winning Merrymeeting Spiced Rum.

Our newest batch of Spiced Rum begins with warm vanilla and nutmeg on the nose that gives way to cinnamon, clove, allspice, black pepper, and orange. Exceptionally smooth and full of aromatics, this spiced rum shines in spirit-forward cocktails. And yes, it makes an amazing Hot Buttered Rum.

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A uniquely inland approach to island spirits. To make this spiced rum, we start by fermenting and distilling rich, smoky molasses in small batches in our copper pot still, then finish it with vanilla bean, orange peel, cocoa nib, and cinnamon.

A bar staple, we can trace rum production back to the Caribbean, and as far back as the 1650s. The drink contains mainly molasses, however, some producers use sugarcane. Cask Cartel carries a vast selection of rum to buy online. Our premium rum collection includes dark rum, gold rum, overproof rum, spiced rum, white rum, and more.

Portuguese Bend is a grain to glass distillery, where we make all of our spirits from scratch using raw ingredients. Located in downtown Long Beach California, customers can experience our spirits in our full service restaurant and bar through our craft cocktail program. Our passion is to bring the humble ingenuity and creativity of Long Beach to the California craft spirit movement.

Notes: From Smoking Pipes website: Shane says Sutliff Spiced Rum has the aroma of a strong rum cake; Adam differed, stating it was more of a rum raisin ice cream note. Either way, true to its name this aromatic black cavendish, burley, and Virginia blend doesn't skimp on the spiced rum.

Received a sample and was able to smoke 2 bowls. Came fairly moist but I had zero issues getting it lit after 30 minutes of drying. Surprised me with minimal relights. Does crackle, spark and pop a bit with flame. Birned clean to the bottom each time. Rum is the only flavor I am picking up but it is consistent throughout the smoke. Puts out quite a bit of smoke. If you are looking for a good rum aro I would highly suggest this. Not my cup of tea but I can see where others will love it.

If anyone has had Pipeworks and Wilke's Rumcake, then you will immediately recognize the aroma eminating from the bag. Now of course Carol uses much better leaf so let's not compare that but the flavor of the topping and room note are extremely similar according to my house mates. The usual black Cav, Burley and Virginia ala Captain Black White with a spiced cake confectionery topping applied. Also as usual one must either let it dry overnight or place a couple ounces worth on a baker sheet in the oven for ten minutes to eliminate the PG. One of Sutliffs best Aromatics thus far!!! I agree with StevieB that it's perfect for holidays when the feds take away the Christmas / Holiday blends in 2018. Santa will enjoy this on Christmas Eve as much as the family on Christmas morning or each night of Chanukah! Really sets the mood :-)

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